Why choose 5Rhythms?


It all started when…

At the age of 24, a curious spirit led me from teaching French and Spanish in Manchester, UK, to Japan. For the next ten years I taught English, learnt Japanese and found my Guru, a Japanese Zen Buddhist who taught me Iyengar yoga. During these years the fascination with mind and body led me to further intensive trainings with senior Iyengar teachers worldwide, finally culminating in a visit to Australia. Here, I was led to my first 5Rhythms dance class.

All the years of cultivating structure, precision and alignment, through my yoga practice, led me to the ultimate freedom of self-expression and creativity on the dance floor. I got to work out what was going on inside ME, how I related to the World, in partnerships and in groups. It taught me to get clear and honest with what I wanted in my life and showed me how to be courageous in taking steps to make it happen! The dance floor became a potent manifestor, my teacher, my guide, the place I could really feel, relate, trust, express, listen and intuit; A place of refuge and release.

I discovered that the body is layered with years of stories, traumas and triumphs. Through the guidance of the teacher I was able to access memories and feelings that had been covered for some time. I learned that the body doesn’t lie and was able to cultivate some beautiful relationships on the dance floor. At last I felt a sense of belonging. A tribe of like-minded people where movement, music and transparency were a big part of their lives.

My fascination with 5Rhythms and its offerings led me to the teacher training in 2014. Since then I have been teaching regularly in Sydney and now bi-monthly in Bellingen. I have taught classes in Hawaii and will be starting a quarterly Perth class soon. It is my deepest honour to hold these classes, to witness the transformation of individuals and to trust where spirit guides me next. I look forward to sharing this sacred space with you.