Changing the habits of a lifetime

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The 7th June class will focus around changing habits; how we move, perceive and feel is all very pre-programmed, almost automatic. Our old ways of repeating patterns may be difficult to change and bring our awareness to. We may disassociate, numb ourselves, want to run, freeze through the process, but the the invitation will be to bring our attention to all the different ways we could move, but don’t, and to ask ourselves what stops us? Fear, shame, self-judgement are all ways that keep us repeating patterns of movement, behaviour and drama. I have had my fair share of them over the past few weeks with a lot of self criticism and blame taking me on a bit of a nosedive into doom and gloom! I'm happy to say my practice brought me out of the quagmire; the movement helped me to keep my attention on the body and breath, rather than the mental chatter.  Ultimately, it guided me through some really sad spots  and into a more positive and grateful space. It reminded me how we all feel this way. That none of us are immune from suffering and that we have to support each other in our process so that we feel important in some way. Of course, it's up to you how far you want to dive into the process and that’s why 5Rhythms is so unique, because ultimately you decide!

naomi lishman