Endings and beginnings

5Rhythms Friday July 19th


We all have a story about beginnings and endings. I’m great at starting stuff and terrible at endings full stop. Some people are the complete opposite, never being able to take the first step towards a dream or goal, just plodding along in a mediocre existence. The 5Rhythms stage is a great way to explore your potential, your habits, the things that lie underneath our conscious awareness. There’s so many miles of un chartered territory, unturned stones, ready to produce nuggets of gold and pearls of wisdom, if we are open to such things. It’s really good to arrive on time and make the most of setting your intention for the class, warming and stretching the body and allowing any feelings to arise and be felt and acknowledged and then check in again with how this has shifted at the end of the class. Note how you may have felt towards others when you came in and how you feel at the end of the class. Notice throughout the process of the wave, if things come up for you, if you are able to work through the issue and come to a place of stillness at the end. The end point is a time to reflect on the process and give gratitude to all that has arisen. Staying until the end of the class is important and powerful. Staying present with the others in the group and yourself is not always easy. There is always something to learn from the beginning till the end.

naomi lishman