"I'll get by with a little help from my.............."

Before I was a mum, I spent hours luxuriating in my practices: those being yoga and dance. I would spend on average 10 hours a week in exploration of my body. Embodiment, for me, is a way through pain and suffering, both in the physical and emotional sense. I believe we can heal ourselves as B.K.S. Iyengar did, as Gabrielle Roth said and Louise Hay wrote. I’ve never been good at just sitting still, or just stilling my mind. But, after a few hours of practice, my nervous system responds in kind, with less mind chatter, more appreciation, peace and all round stillness. When you practice, you gain willpower, When you have willpower, you are not assuaged from any task or chore. You are brave and fearless, a warrior of your soul. When you don’t practice, willpower diminishes. The less I do, the less I want to do and the further away I feel from the truth of my souls contentment (santosa) Now, with a toddler, I’m up early and my practice is squeezed into moments, when he naps, or when I get a precious weekend away. In the moments when I get time to access the flow from the earth through my feet, and release my nervous system through yoga or dance, I am eternally grateful that my practice over the last 20 years, has and continues to enable me to access the meridians (lines of energy) without too much trouble. My daily morning practice is now in service to another, making breakfast, preparing lunch and dinner, cleaning and tidying, breastfeeding and hugging, stroking and caring for this pure soul. If you are a mother or father you will understand this and that is why I’m offering a babysitting service in Bellingen, for those who need to fill up their cup, but don’t have anyone to lean on for childcare. It’s so important for our kids that we nurture ourselves and find some peaceful moments for our nervous systems to unwind and release some of what they shoulder. Tiredness is a reality, but don’t let the lack of willpower hold you back from tasting the deep peace and stillness cultivated after a class. We will get by with a little help from our…….friends, practice, peace and tranquility!

naomi lishman