The Mamas and The Papas

Into the second week of the school holidays. For kids its an exciting time, for parents it can be exhausting. As a fairly new parent at the ripe age of 43 and with a 2 year old, I understand just how much we give to our kids. Time, energy and attention…..Pre-kid I was able to go to yoga 3-4 times a week, get a massage, go swimming and go dancing at least twice a week. Now I’m lucky if I have time for a half hour stretch in the morning. Calling all parents in Bellingen, I am now offering a baby-sitting service so that you can come and enjoy 5Rhythms , knowing that your cherubs are being safely taken care of in the next room. Its just 2$ per child over the age of 3. The last thing you feel like doing may not be dancing around for two hours, but rest assured, my class will rejuvenate more than your body! This will bring your heart and soul back into alignment and give you a boost of energy…guaranteed.

naomi lishman