I came to 5 rhythms about 1 year ago, I was dead set nervous, I had no idea idea what to expect... really no idea! And well.. it blew my mind/body! To be held in a space where I can move how I want.... my body has the space to be inquisitive, to be happy to be sad to be free to be stuck. I dance when I’m tired and I dance when I’m energised. It’s always a different experience, but it’s always healing.. I feel like I’m scratching the surface of something when I dance and getting into some nooks and crannies that will only expose themselves through this dance. It’s incredible. Thank you Naomi for holding this space Tiffany Daro

I have been going to Naomi's 5 R classes in Bellingen, NSW for a couple of years now, after my sister from Sydney introduced me to this amazing, silent, moving, meditation class. This practice completes my life's balance with keeping fit with no steps to learn ( you just dance to your OWN rhythm) in a very safe environment. The music is just fantastic and takes you on a magical journey through a 2 hour time zone of exploration with 5 beautiful rhythms of music.   Naomi will very gently guide you through the 5 rhythms of flow, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness to completely get rid of any negative, frustrating, busy, minds, to leaving as a well nurtured, happy being, to enable you to tackle the next week's encounters of what life can throw at us at any time. Thank you Naomi for making me sooooo... happy and at peace... See you on the dance floor...:-* Thanking you Kindly, Louise Pilpel.